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ChatGPT: The shakeup education was waiting for

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has dominated conversations in the media landscape and within the education industry. A key conversation focuses on weighing its benefits versus risks, and many higher-ed institutions have been quick to implement bans on the technology altogether for fears of plagiarism in written works. But is this the right course of action to take?

Future Schools: How Smarter IT Enables Higher Ed

In this latest episode of Innovations in Education, join host Kevin Hogan with Keith S. Kellermeyer, Product Manager at Transact Campus Inc., as he discusses how technology can transform higher education. In today’s world, students demand advanced and seamless digital experiences, and IT is critical in providing efficient and effective services to students and staff on college and university campuses.

2 keys to budget success this season

Budget season is a fraught time for leaders in higher education. College leaders must balance a multitude of intense and competing pressures as they craft their budgets. They are given the unenviable task of perpetually doing more with fewer resources. Drive enrollment, yet cut costs. Expand offerings, while trimming overhead. The project can seem insurmountable.

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