Mytonomy Goes to College: Announcing a New Student Health Video Education and Engagement Solution for College Campuses  

Bethesda, MD Mytonomy, Inc., a leading enterprise SaaS solution for video-based patient education and engagement, announced today the expansion of Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare to support student health at college and university campuses across the country at the American College Health Association Annual Meeting ( ACHA 2023). Mytonomy’s content streaming platform is designed to deliver comprehensive health related information tailored to the needs of undergraduate, graduate and professional students in fresh and modern ways.

For the first time, campuses will gain access to the same award-winning, clinically validated healthcare education and engagement capabilities that Mytonomy already provides to America’s top hospitals and healthcare systems.

Mytonomy Cloud for Student Health will address the most frequently asked healthcare questions students have and offer guidance on how to best utilize student health programs at their campus, saving time and delivering a positive experience. The platform provides easily accessible information on a wide range of chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, mental health concerns, STIs, and drug and alcohol safety, in addition to health management and wellness resources. Additionally, Mytonomy’s student health offering will support student athletes, providing guidance on various conditions including preparing for your annual physical, understanding results, managing concussions, falls, sprains and common orthopedic procedures.

“Mytonomy’s expansion to student health is designed to address the evolving needs of university students with a whole-person whole health approach,” said Anjali Kataria, CEO and Co-founder at Mytonomy. “By leveraging the power of content streaming coupled with modern, intelligent engagement, we empower students to take control of their health and set a strong foundation for lifelong well-being. Parents may be reassured that their children have access to medically validated information and support that is already used by top U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems, while campus health teams can save time and continue to focus on providing excellent care.”

Mytonomy Cloud for Student Health leverages the company’s expertise in remote patient engagement and microlearning video content to empower students in actively managing their health and well-being. The platform will accommodate today’s students, many of whom prefer short, engaging video content over written materials. It is user-friendly and accessible on any device, allowing students to understand their medical journey, improve adherence to treatment plans, enhance communication with healthcare teams, and access resources from any location.

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by students with acute and/or chronic conditions, Mytonomy Cloud for Student Health provides a customizable content library geared to addressing the top student health needs, as well as programming on how to best access and use student health services. With this powerful tool, students can better manage their healthcare independently, irrespective of their primary care doctor’s location, and support the student health resources that campuses work so hard to offer.

One of the key features of Mytonomy Cloud for Student Health is its integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), allowing seamless sharing of vital health information with students. This integration ensures that students have access to their medical history, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health and healthcare.

“Today’s students may not always know the relevant healthcare questions to ask or know how to utilize services a university provides. However, with Mytonomy Cloud for Student Health universities can foster student success by equipping them with the tools they need to navigate their health independently,” added Sue Wasiolek, VP of Student Health Programs at Mytonomy and former dean of Duke University. “With four decades of experience in higher education, having seen campus challenges up close, I am confident that this platform will help bridge the gap between healthcare and education, promoting a holistic approach to student wellness.”

About Mytonomy

Mytonomy Inc., based in Bethesda, MD, is a leader in enterprise cloud solutions for video-based patient engagement and education. Mytonomy creates efficiencies for doctors and nurses by streaming broadcast-quality, evidence-based video education to patients and their families so that they can lead healthier, happier lives. Mytonomy can rapidly scale across the inpatient and outpatient setting and help patients transition from hospital to home.

Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare is fully interoperable with all major EMRs and CRM solutions, covering over 100 conditions with more than 3,000 episodes, all delivered via a single engagement platform spanning the patient journey. Mytonomy can rapidly scale across the inpatient and outpatient setting and help patients transition from hospital to home. To learn more about Mytonomy, please visit

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