ChatGPT: The shakeup education was waiting for

As technology evolves, industries must evolve alongside it, and education is no exception, even when it comes to ChatGPT.
Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has dominated conversations in the media landscape and within the education industry. A key conversation focuses on weighing its benefits versus…

Investing in classroom collaboration tools? 3 things to know

Maximizing the effectiveness of any classroom investment requires careful consideration of all the available options and benefits
Modern technological advancements affect virtually every area of daily life, and today’s educational institutions are looking to new digital tools to help improve student achievement and engagement while…

Inclusive education programs offer support for students with intellectual disabilities

Regis University offers students with intellectual disabilities a specialized program to realize their college dreams
In Colorado and nationwide, most colleges don’t offer programs for students with intellectual disabilities, which includes limitations in reasoning, learning, problem solving, or social or practical skills. Those…

Course materials data: What to look for and why you need it

From financial and transactional data to usage and engagement data, transparency is key when it comes to course materials data
Course materials reporting, analytics, and financial reconciliation have become massive undertakings for schools these days. This is, in large part, because data often lives in different silos, platforms,…

How to cultivate student belonging on a community college campus

A new approach to faculty development has empowered instructors to support students and student belonging through instructional practices.
There are many reasons people come to our community college in north central Ohio. They seek to earn more money, accelerate careers, receive vocational training, or obtain technical…

2 keys to budget success this season

As you step through the essential process of higher education budget planning, there are important principles that can guide your approach.
Budget season is a fraught time for leaders in higher education. College leaders must balance a multitude of intense and competing pressures as they craft their budgets. They…

5 registration functions your higher-ed SIS doesn’t have

Students are accustomed to attentive service--give them a higher-ed SIS registration and scheduling option that intuitively keeps them on track for graduation.
Colleges and universities that use Excel sheets or their Student Information Systems (SIS) to build student schedules not only leave their students frustrated with the registration experience, but…

How our campus created an inclusive esports program

Montgomery County Community College took careful steps to maximize its esports program’s diversity and inclusivity
With esports growing fast among college students, educators across the U.S. face an opportunity to build programs that foster inclusivity and diversity in ways traditional sports fall short.

Ensuring school and workplace diversity without affirmative action

Without government policy to support diverse education, many future students and society’s future leaders are counting on higher-ed leaders.
Most higher education institutions are collectively holding their breaths in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision on affirmative action and college admissions, which is expected late this spring…

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